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Metaverse built by the community, on the XRP Ledger Blockchain, coming soon... 

Our Mission

On the XRP Ledger, we are building a fully integrated Metaverse and NFT ecosystem. We are focused on connecting users in the Metaverse with real-world brands and businesses through transactions within the Metaverse. We envision it as an immersive and engaging virtual environment.

NFT Marketplace

Together, we are developing a fully-functional NFT marketplace. In the Metaverse, you will find auctions, unlockable content, buying, selling, and swapping. The market is expected to expand to include music and real estate in the future.  

Voting Mechanisms

VerseX and how it is constructed will be subject to many votes. The community will decide the game's future. We encourage you to participate in the voting system via Discord and express your opinions. Based on the holdings you have with XMEN, your voting power will be determined.


Metaverse will bring you the best aspects of the New Generation Gaming Technology that exists. Consisting of VR, AR, AI and E-commerce, bringing you a touch and feel of the Amazing Interesting Virtual World, all in the comfort of your own home.

Play to Earn

In the run-up to the game's release, we are implementing early earning strategies within the community. There will be a variety of ways to earn XVR in the Metaverse, including:

Buying and selling items to other players and shops.

Making and selling NFTS.

Own your own business.


Rewards for completing tasks.

Contributing to DAO.

What can you do in VerseX?

In VerseX, there will be many magnificent places to visit during your time here and you will be able to participate in many exciting activities. Here is a list of some environments we are currently developing and will be available soon.

Shopping Mall - Silver ranked XMEN may own a shop in the Shopping Mall. The Metaverse will serve as a global marketplace for real-life and digital items. Interact with the users in a real life scenario replicated within VerseX. We have started to aquire vendors worldwide that wish to own a store within our Metaverse. Order your items in VerseX and receive them at your home anywhere around the globe. XVR will be the currency used for all transactions. Customise your store, speak to the vendor via voice chat, advertise within the mall and complete risky tasks for rewards.

Crypto Currency Exchange  - The VXChange is located in the centre of the city, this mezmorising area will give you a real-llfe New York Stock exchange experience, except with your favourite XRPL tokens set in an outdoor area, a user can walk up to our Exchange Clerk and trade your desired tokens via our in-game DEX, which is connected to your personal wallet. Our goal is to improve interoperability between cryptocurrencies in the market so that we can reach a larger audience. Everything all in one place.

PvP Arena - Engange in epic battles in our Competitive Faction Fighting Association, duels will take place within the Colosseum. A duel will consist of (2) rounds, and (1) round overtime if it is needed. Players will Gear up and take part in epic 1v1 battles. Level up and become the best warrior the colosseum has ever borne witness to. Legends are made and annihilated here.

Compete, grind and earn rewards that will be tradeable in real life!

Some assets will be pre-assigned to the founder NFTS for enhanced utility.  Make use of the special abilities assigned to your founder NFTso you can triumph over your enemies. Players will be able to purchase outfits, armour and unimaginable weapons to aid you in your quest to victory.

 Information Center  - This will be a revolutionary place.  Here users will learn about cryptocurrencies and other financial markets in VerseX. Take courses in various fields, read e-books, and view digital content. There is a desire to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn in the Metaverse through accessible Online Courses. We will also include 1-1 learning sessions with VerseX mentors and connect by live chat/video call in one of the conference rooms in VerseX.

More areas to be released in the near future...


Want to protect your NFTS from Vulnerabilities?

To protect our valued community, we have partnered with Inheriti (SafeTech) to help our users protect their VerseX NFTs along with other digital assets you possess. Together we are committed to maintain the highest standards of security providing a safety net for all VerseX Users.


Digital Inheritance, Secured

Safe Haven Vault

The Vault is a digital safe where you can store a multitude of digital possessions that you desire others to inherit.



The Family Circle

The Family Circle solution is best for family members or close friends. Specifically designed for:

● Social Media Accounts ● Passwords and Passphrases Private Keys and Seeds ● Cryptocurrency Wallets ● Other Digital Assets ● Lyrics



Backup Plan, BCP & TIC

Providing the management, protection, and distribution of digital assets to designated shareholders.

Our Partners


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