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Leveraging blockchain technology with DeFi protocols, Safe Haven and VerseX have evolved Inheriti® integrations to the next level.

Clients that establish a decentralized inheritance plan, via VerseX’s Inheriti® referral link, will receive a special NFT that has utility within VerseX’s metaverse and/or trading card lines.

VerseX can utilise the integration as a business product that urges clients to protect the assets within their ecosystem by rewarding them with NFTs that enable unique features and perks!



What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost

of 10k SHA tokens; without decentralized

recovery protocols, all NFTs and cryptocurrency would become lost forever if owner of estate loses access to wallet storing said tokens – Inheriti® reduces the risk of losing utility tokens and NFTs within metaverses, or any other ecosystem utilizing digital assets to function, enabling investors to feel more confident about the survival of their investments.

Integrating Safe Haven’s Services within the Metaverse of VerseX:

VerseX will have a facility within our metaverse called the “Information Centre”, which will be an area that enables users to learn about cryptocurrency and NFT projects via interactive reading and video materials.

It has been confirmed that the Safe Haven product suite will be promoted, and all clients will be able to utilize DeFi product protocols while inside the metaverse.

When will the Inheriti Integration be Implemented and How will the Button be Displayed?

The integration has already been implemented on our website, please refer to the below button. You can establish a plan via the referral link.

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