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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

A lot of work has been going on since my last Development Update. I have a lot to share with you. Throughout our development process, we have had daily meetings with our team to achieve the best results. There is a lot of info to go through therefore I have broken the report down into its main sections.

**Game Design Document:**

I am proud to announce that we have nearly completed the first draft of the VerseX game design documentation, although it will be updated continuously as VerseX develops. The current version consists of 86 pages of in-depth, technical information as well as diagrams providing clarity on all elements of VerseX in fine detail.

There are a number of huge detailed sections describing key aspects of VerseX and how they will flow; how a player will interact in certain areas, how the economy will work and sustain itself, how the security will work, the operability platforms and much more.

We applied this methodology for each of VerseX's key areas which allowed us to identify the essential mechanics needed in each of these areas. It will now be possible for the Development team to refer to this document at any stage of the game development process and determine what our needs are, as well as what mechanics need to be implemented.

To go into a little more detail about the GDD we have added things such as;

**Game Flow:**

We have put a great deal of thought into how different aspects of the game will unfold as the player performs certain actions within VerseX.

What would a player do, for instance, if he acquired a Pickaxe and then went to collect materials from a rock? *How would they do it? What actions would they have to perform? Is it skill based? What volume and rarity of materials would they acquire? What tools would they need?*

We would ask ourselves the relevant questions in the key areas to further enhance the user scenarios and experience.


We consider the tutorial to be one of the most essential elements of the first phase of development. This is because the tutorial will teach players about the key features and mechanics of VerseX, as well as showcase what a user can do in VerseX. Moreover, it was identified as a means to entice players, based on the hypothesis that if the tutorial is fun and informative, and the mechanics are complex but easy to comprehend, then this will lead to higher user retention.

**Play and Earn Economy:**

With the play and earn economy nearly perfected, we now properly understand how a player can enter the game as a guest and grind the game in order to earn real money. Fair play communities and play and earn specialists have been contacted, and they will assess our proposal and advise us on any holes or exploitation areas in the play and earn process.

**Player Hubs:**

*Each player will have a chance to have their **OWN** personal player hub. *

This is another area in which we have collectively invested a lot of time and effort.

The player hub will contain a variety of features and functions.

We are designing the VX Hubs to be a space where users can host their friends, show off their NFT collections, store weapons and outfits, and stay on top of upcoming events within VerseX.

Additionally, inside the player hub, each user will have an interactive television that has multiple functions. There will be a variety of current news and information available here, as well as an indicator of current token prices and live cameras around VerseX. There will also be the ability to stream certain channels and play certain mini games, as well as undertake more advanced tutorials if the player wants to do so. We have also discussed future plans to enhance our services by partnering with platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to enable streaming of their channels.

**Multiple User Scenarios:**

Flowcharts depicting the various reasons a player might enter VerseX and the action they will take in the game.

**Assets, Environments & Characters:**

During the past few weeks, our 3D artists have been extremely busy, and their work is continuously evolving. This isn't something I'll go into great detail about as we'd rather show you their complete rendered states when they are available.

Several assets are at various stages of development; some are nearly finished and just need rigging and animating, some are in the sketching phase, and some are just conceptual.

The following is a list of some of the more relevant assets and functionalities we are currently developing:

· -Xmen Avatars

· -General Character Avatars + customisation

· -Virtual Versex Offices and relevant assets

· -**Player Hub**

· -Weapons

· -Outfits

· -Virtual stores and relevant assets

· -Material gathering land (fishing, mining, carpenter)

· -VerseX Poker Bracelet

· -Virtual Land

· -**Loot boxes**

· -UI/UX mock-up screens for various in-game interactions

· -**Cinematic Trailer Video**

You may have already seen some of the VerseX content via leaks and announcements servers, but right now is just a** drop in the ocean** of what is to come.

It is important to note that in creating and designing our assets/environments, we place a great deal of emphasis on keeping the **QUALITY **of the work as high as possible, both graphically and mechanically. It is naturally more difficult to detail and develop, but I think we can agree that it is definitely better not to rush things when it comes to this kind of work!

We want quantity in assets as well, but not at the expense of the former. As a result, we have developed benchmark textures and materials to be able to replicate and maintain the quality of graphics and mechanics across all areas of VerseX. Look out for more updates on asset leaks on the Leaks page!

**Website 2.0:**

We have been developing version 2.0 of our website. This will offer better interaction, better layout and infographics, a new market, and most importantly, it will provide better security for everyone.

**Cinematic Video:**

From a business growth perspective, we have developed a strategy to spread the word about VerseX. Our decision to fund and develop a cinematic teaser trailer that highlights VerseX's core functionality and mechanics was made with this idea in mind. With the growth of TikTok and other video streaming platforms, VerseX and its various aspects can be presented in the most effective manner. Further updates on this will follow, but for now we are still in the incubation phase. ***Stay Tuned!***

**Loot Boxes Pre-Mint Sale:**

The last, but not least, is the upcoming Loot Crate Sale. It is planned that the number of loot boxes released will be limited, and each rank will have increased rewards based on its level.

“Designed to give a player more rapid advancement in the game to help accelerate their leveling up process. To also give players special stat increases and exclusive outfits that cannot be acquired by normal gameplay.”

It is intended that loot boxes and their contents accelerate a player's advancement to a higher level and permit them to craft better items. Due to these advantages, the purchasing user gains an edge over the regular starting player.

**Those who purchase** can expect to receive: a large quantity of materials with different rarities; rarer tools for crafting more advanced items; rare NFT weapons and armor; exclusive NFT founders' outfits; XVR rewards and more! The pipeline is full of ideas!

As I mentioned, we will limit the number of items released to ensure a fair launch for the game. We are discussing the amounts that should be released as a team. The 3D models have already been completed. In the next few weeks, more information on the pre-sale will be released!

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