Sneak peek of VerseX's Player Home Rooms

Above is our concept art for our VerseX player homes, which will allow players to perform many actions within their HUBS that can improve their game experience.
We know what you are thinking... What can I do in this place?
  • Invite users to show off your styled-up crib

  • You can craft Certain Items

  • Change clothes Into your favourite outfit

  • Watch the best Live streams

  • Receive the latest VerseX News

  • Watch and read Crypto news Channels

  • Check out your most powerful weapons

  • Invite Friends and users to sell/trade your NFTS

Player HUB goals and meanings...

VerseX player HUBS should serve as a place where the VerseX community can feel comfortable and at home. In the modern world, many game players find a thrill in being able to claim a virtual property as their own. Many users, for various reasons, are attracted to another appearance from the real world and take pleasure in maintaining it in the virtual world. Nevertheless, some users take pride in using it differently, as they can use it to make friends or to simply relax for their own purposes. In any case, everyone enjoys having a property to attend to, while playing an online game. In addition to providing a sense of belonging to the game, it is almost as if an individual is expected to fulfil their responsibilities in both the virtual and real worlds. It would be our pleasure to provide users and the community with full ownership over their NFS and digital assets, as well as the ability to organise and plan their blockchain duties from their virtual office (home). For an additional XVR fee, players will be able to change textures and upgrade certain parts of their homes.

At this stage, it is unclear what the requirements are for players to own houses. More information will be forthcoming.


What functionalities would you like to see in the player homes that aren't already available?

Please comment below...

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