Project Update

An update on the project

Good afternoon Versers,

After another hard period of work on developing the project we have been in contact with several big companies and other projects for listings and partnership. The main crypto exchange we are targeting to list $XVR is Bitrue. After close discussions with them over the past few weeks, we have been able to reach a decision, which will be implemented by the end of July or early August. In an effort to assist them in building a live cryptocurrency exchange in the VerseX Metaverse, the VerseX team has offered them the opportunity. We hope they will take this opportunity seriously, it would be great to work with an exchange of the size of Bitrue in order to gain exposure and further leverage the VerseX platform.

In addition, we have been in discussions with xSpectar, another metaverse project on the XRPL, and we have been back and forth with their team and Panos, who is a mutual supporter. Our goal was to come to the best possible partnership formation that has ever been seen in this space. Both projects will be at the forefront of the XRPL for years to come, so sharing our successes early would be great for enlightening or training either community.

In an effort to fill a much-needed role within the VerseX team, we are looking to potentially bring on community staff. VerseX's is still largely unknown to many people, so we need to increase our team size for marketing and promoting. Please keep an eye out for updates.

Our NFT collection is nearing completion and will be available for XLS-20. There will be avatars to choose from as well as many color variants to meet your preferences. We will release these NFTS for sale as exclusive skins for VerseX which cannot be reborn. This 3D game asset will reside on the XRPL blockchain and you will be able to sell/trade/rent it in order to produce a fun or profitable business. A number of exciting new in-game items will be available by the middle of July (XLS-20 dependent).

Over the past few weeks, Adam and I have been attending meetings in an attempt to form partnerships and networks with the outside community. The company has been one of the companies interested in VerseX and what we have to offer.

Our team will attend a second meeting and a vetting session to ensure that we offer a sustainable economy, ethical and fair play to our users. If we are successful we can join the board of directors at Fairplaycollective to train other projects about the metaverse and web3. As a result, VerseX will be able to open many eyes to them, not just from the viewpoint of retail investors but also from the perspective of whales and CEOs of other companies who would reap the benefits. By working together, we would be able to provide a one-stop-shop for the metaverse and set the standard for excellence. Our company has recently conducted a meeting with an investment and marketing firm, As is not surprising, they are very impressed with our project and are prepared to perform background checks and documentation, as well as a full project review.

It would be impossible to convey how hard the team is working to improve VerseX at this time. Despite just getting started, we are here to collaborate and take over. I have the utmost confidence in our team and developers.

Keep an eye out for one of the most realistic Virtual Stores you have ever seen. Many people may ask, "Am I in Zara?"?

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