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VerseX partners with a ticketing and event management company

BPM and VerseX have formed a strategic partnership in order to address the current problem of sold out shows and eliminate travelling inconvenience. We are creating a live events arena within the VerseX complex to facilitate live shows in virtual reality. The Concert Arena will provide VerseX players with access to live performances by various artists and sports teams. We would have a lobby area, a variety of bars, and perhaps even some simple mini-games to keep us entertained during break times, along with a small shop where artists or sports teams can sell merchandise, similar to the real world. In virtual reality, you will have the opportunity to watch a game with a friend or a concert featuring one of your favourite musicians.

Introducing BPM Wallet

BPM Wallet is an XRPL project that provides security and legitimacy to the ticketing industry by tokenising the entry tickets themselves. A number of issues within the ticketing industry will be addressed by this innovative technology, including touting. The majority of tickets in the ticketing industry are purchased by touts and then resold. Due to the steep markup, fans are discouraged from purchasing tickets due to the high prices. Ticket sellers who are unable to attend the event are offered a secondary marketplace through BPM wallet. This marketplace limits reselling of tickets to a maximum of the face value of the ticket. Thus, touting opportunities are effectively eliminated.

Furthermore, personalised wallets and verified accounts will provide security to both attendees and event hosts regardless of the number of times tickets are sold. Using this functionality, event hosts will be able to perform safer vetting, resulting in a safer event environment for all attendees. All transactions will be conducted using the BPM Wallet's native token, $BPM. It is now possible to trade this cryptocurrency on various marketplaces, including Bitrue, OnXRP, Sologenic, and the XUMM wallet. As part of phase 3 of their roadmap, the project plans to conduct an NFT sale after XLS-20 has been approved.

In addition, the project has created an exclusive collection of NFTs called Revellers. A Reveller owner will be entitled to a number of benefits in-app through these NFTs. Staked Revellers may also receive additional rewards paid in their native token, $BPM.

Through its innovative solutions, this project appears to be positioned to lead the ticketing industry towards the inevitable adoption of web3 technology. For more information, please visit their website and take a look at their sleek, professional whitepaper; which can provide you with a full overview of the team, project, and future goals.

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