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VerseX Shopping Mall Update

As the architecture and blocking out phase of the building have been completed, the completion of our shopping mall is rapidly approaching. Our team will continue to work rapidly and begin adding textures and details to the model until it is perfected.

The next step will be to approach projects and brands for the purpose of purchasing space in the Virtual Reality VerseX Shopping Mall. Consequently, the mall will become more popular and the ecosystem will be boosted. 

Estimated Construction Completion Time?

Two to three months (This is only applicable to the construction phase, not to the deployment stage).

Who can shop in the mall?

Anyone and everyone is welcome. Our VerseX Shopping Mall is open to users, shoppers, and gamers from around the world. There will be a wide selection of established brands, businesses, and projects available for consumers to explore.

How can I own a virtual store in the mall?

  • Join our onboarding program as a brand or business.

  • Mint 8+ $XMEN tokens for a Tier-holder NFT.

What products will be sold in the mall?







Food and Drink


Events & Tickets


3D Items


How is the VX Mall constructed?

The model is created in Blender and then imported into Unreal Engine 5 for optimisation. With this technology, users will be able to experience virtual reality shopping and purchase their favorite products.

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