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Virtual E-commerce

Advantages of owning a 3D store

The research has been done for you, so you do not have to...

An experience that is more like shopping in person than using a flat website. Users can move around the mall to find shops and browse inside them;

Immersive Experience

As in real-life shops, you will be able to walk around the displays to see what is available, which is much easier than using hierarchical categories or searching for items on a website. Users may discover categories of items that they were unaware they wanted.

Better for product discovery

Ability to talk with a shop assistant (whether an AI-driven avatar or, more likely, an avatar of a real person available to offer advice on the product. The assistant also has the opportunity to “sell” the product, more like in a real-world store.

Real-person connection

Higher conversion rates and per-visitor purchases. There is research to show significantly higher rates in virtual stores than on websites for similar items;at website. Users can move around the mall to find shops and browse inside them;

Higher Conversion Rates

Interacting with voice-enabled, realistic-looking avatars will be a better experience than making a phone call and customer will be able to visit the virtual store for advice or further information.

Improved relationships

D virtual stores are a new and exciting development and both store owners and metaverse users will want to try them.


Especially at the early stages, the users will be crypto-savvy early adopters who will want to support businesses that are entering their world. These may be hard to reach via traditional websites;

Reaching new demographics
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