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Duel-Token Utility and Perks...

The purpose of VerseX is to provide a fun and adventurous Metaverse with fair and reasonable benefits for all players throughout the game. To achieve this, we intend to use Blockchain technology to send and process information around our Land and Marketplaces. Upon selling something, the user will receive a reward almost immediately. Even rewards earned from in-game events or activities will be deposited directly into the player’s wallet. The VerseX Ecosystem allows users to hold, play, sell, re-invest or buy in-game NFTS & real-life items with the help of a fast, reliable, and low transaction fee blockchain. This will all help to enhance the VerseX & XRPL Ecosystem.


Token: $XMEN

This is an early investor token providing benefits such as rewards systems, exclusive 3D characters, virtual stores and billboards in VerseX.

There are only 5,000 $XMEN issued and it is impossible to create any more.

There are no token unlocks for private investors to dilute the current circulating supply, which can result in stagnant price movements since increased buying power is required after each unlock in order to raise prices further.

In order to obtain a 3D NFT that can be used according to their rank, early investors must mint their held XMEN tokens. Users will gain access to VerseX in a more Exclusive way than as a regular user, through which will provide you with special bonuses and rewards, more rights and extra abilities in- game. Tokens will then be minted and destroyed. There will never be any more $XMEN tokens issued.

Supply: 5,000.

Circulating: 50% - 2500.

What is the purpose of $XMEN Currency?

• Minting 1 or more XMEN Tokens will grant you Bronze Tier & exclusive access into VerseX

• Exclusive benefits and bonuses through Tier Reward Schemes.

• Exclusive NFTs to XMEN Holders only

• VX Card to enter exclusive Areas

• Hold 0.5 Participate in future Airdrops

• Mint 8 $XMEN for a Virtual Store plot & Advertising

• Mint 40 $XMEN to own a large building with the highest earning potential, with huge Advertisement Billboards.

• Please refer to the tier holders in the whitepaper for the full list of perks


Token: $XVR

This will serve as the in-game currency used for all transactional interactions within VerseX.

Versers are also known as XVR Token Holders. $XVR is our Native Governance token, issued on the XRPL. XVR has a total supply of 1 Billion coins. The issuer account will be black-holed. As a result, no further $XVR tokens can be issued. VerseX was also 100% fair-launched, allowing all tokens to be publicly traded.

Supply: 1 Billion.

Circulating: 2% - 20 Million.

What is the purpose of XVR Currency?

As The purpose of VerseX is to provide a fun and adventurous Metaverse with fair and reasonable benefits for all players throughout the game. We believe providing many use-cases for XVR in all areas of VerseX will form a blossoming organic economy.

Although we envision countless utilities for XVR some foreseeable ones are listed below.

• Spending on the NFT Marketplace via website

• Buy real-life items in the shopping centre

• Using in-game for events and quiz’

• To purchase an NFT

• Renting & Payment for Working

• To exchange with other players

overtime if it is needed.

• Versers and XMEN can be rewarded for completing tasks or owning property

• Players compete with one another in duelling

• Spending in Retail Shops in the metaverse

• To pay VerseX for partnerships & commissions


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